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Best Hotels and Places to Stay in Suzuka

Why visit?

Suzuka offers a unique blend of traditional Japanese culture, stunning natural beauty, and modern attractions. Known for its famous Suzuka Circuit, a world-renowned racetrack, the city attracts motorsport enthusiasts from around the globe. With a variety of historical sites, beautiful parks, and delicious local cuisine, Suzuka is an intriguing destination for tourists. Finding the perfect accommodation is essential to make the most of your stay, so lets explore the best hotels and places to stay in Suzuka.

Where to stay?

Suzuka Central: For those seeking convenience and easy access to attractions, Suzuka Central is an excellent choice. This area is packed with hotels, making it ideal for tourists looking for a variety of options. From luxury hotels to budget-friendly accommodations, Suzuka Central hotels offer comfortable stays and easy exploration of the citys landmarks. Its also convenient for those planning to attend events at the Suzuka Circuit.

Shiroko: If you prefer a tranquil and scenic setting, Shiroko is a wonderful area to consider. This district is located near Lake Shiroko and offers breathtaking views of the water and surrounding nature. Hotels in Shiroko provide a peaceful retreat for travelers who appreciate serenity and enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or boating. The serene atmosphere and picturesque landscapes make it an idyllic spot to recharge and unwind.

Suzuka Onsen: For an authentic Japanese experience, staying in a traditional ryokan (Japanese inn) in Suzuka Onsen is highly recommended. This area is known for its hot springs, which provide relaxation and rejuvenation after a day of exploring. The ryokans in Suzuka Onsen offer comfortable rooms, delicious local cuisine, and traditional baths. Immerse yourself in Japanese culture and indulge in the soothing effects of these natural thermal baths.

What is the price per hotel room per night?

3-star hotels: The average price per night is around $80 to $150.

4-star hotels: The average price per night is around $150 to $250.

5-star hotels: The average price per night is around $250 to $400.

Best value for money:

Hotel Suzuka: Located in the heart of Suzuka, this hotel offers comfortable rooms at affordable rates. The rooms are well-equipped with modern amenities and the hotel provides excellent service. With its central location and reasonable prices, Hotel Suzuka is a great choice for budget-conscious travelers looking for convenience and comfort.

Suzuka Circuit Hotel: As the name suggests, this hotel is situated near the famous Suzuka Circuit, making it an ideal option for motorsport enthusiasts. It offers clean and cozy rooms with friendly staff. The hotel also provides easy access to nearby attractions and restaurants, ensuring a pleasant stay without breaking the bank.

Route-Inn Suzuka: This hotel offers a comfortable stay with convenient amenities for a reasonable price. The rooms are clean and well-maintained, and guests can enjoy complimentary breakfast and access to hot spring baths. Located near Suzuka Central, it provides easy access to shopping areas and tourist spots.

Best kids-friendly hotels:

Hotel Shiroko: Situated near Lake Shiroko, this hotel provides a serene atmosphere and offers various amenities suitable for families. The spacious rooms provide comfort for both children and adults, and the hotel offers activities like boat rentals and outdoor play areas. The panoramic views of the lake make it a delightful choice for a family vacation.

Hotel Suzuka Resort: This family-friendly hotel offers a range of facilities to keep kids entertained during their stay. With a dedicated childrens playroom, game arcade, and swimming pool, children will have plenty of fun activities to enjoy. The hotel also offers spacious family rooms and is conveniently located near shopping malls and restaurants.

Best hotels for a romantic getaway:

Ryokan Hanagokoro: Located in Suzuka Onsen, this traditional Japanese ryokan provides a cozy and romantic atmosphere for couples. The rooms feature traditional tatami flooring and offer private hot spring baths. Guests can savor exquisite kaiseki meals, showcasing the finest Japanese culinary delights. The peaceful surroundings and warm hospitality make it an ideal choice for a romantic escape.

Suzuka Bay Resort: Situated on the outskirts of Suzuka, this waterfront resort offers a romantic setting overlooking the bay. The rooms are stylishly decorated and some offer stunning sea views. Couples can enjoy a romantic dinner at the hotels restaurant, followed by a relaxing stroll along the beach. The resort also provides spa facilities for ultimate relaxation.

Best for location:

Suzuka Station Hotel: This hotel is conveniently located near Suzuka Station, offering easy access to transportation. It is also within walking distance to Suzuka Circuit and Suzuka Shopping Street, ensuring guests can explore the city with ease. The hotel provides comfortable rooms and friendly service for a convenient stay.

Hotel Green Park Suzuka: Situated in the heart of Suzuka, this hotel is just a short distance from popular attractions such as Suzuka Circuit and Suzuka Castle. Guests can enjoy comfortable rooms, a variety of dining options, and easy access to shopping areas. The central location ensures a hassle-free experience for visitors.

Comfort Hotel Suzuka: As part of the Comfort Hotel chain, this hotel offers a convenient location near Suzuka Circuit and other key attractions. The rooms provide comfort and essential amenities for a pleasant stay. With its central location, guests can easily explore the city and have easy access to public transportation.

Best for a short city break:

Suzuka Business Hotel: This budget-friendly hotel is ideal for travelers on a short city break looking for a comfortable and affordable stay. The hotel offers clean and simple rooms with all the necessary amenities. Its central location allows guests to explore Suzuka easily and conveniently.

Hotel Fine Garden Suzuka: This adults-only hotel offers comfortable rooms with modern interiors, perfect for a short getaway. The hotel provides a relaxing atmosphere with spacious baths and tranquil surroundings. Located near restaurants and shops, it offers convenience while ensuring a quiet retreat for guests.

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