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Great42 reviews
MapView on map4.5 km from City Centre
From   US$ 103 /nightSelect
MapView on map3.5 km from City Centre
From   US$ 54 /nightSelect
Great38 reviews
3.6 km from City Centre
From   US$ 88 /nightSelect
3.5 km from City Centre
From   US$ 99 /nightSelect
Places to stay near Troutville
Great98 reviews
19.0 km from Troutville19.0 km from City Centre
From   US$ 89 /nightSelect
Great61 reviews
14.6 km from Troutville14.6 km from City Centre
From   US$ 119 /nightSelect
Great119 reviews
17.5 km from Troutville17.5 km from City Centre
From   US$ 82 /nightSelect
Great86 reviews
14.7 km from Troutville14.7 km from City Centre
From   US$ 76 /nightSelect
Great69 reviews
15.2 km from Troutville15.2 km from City Centre
From   US$ 199 /nightSelect
Great52 reviews
14.5 km from Troutville14.5 km from City Centre
From   US$ 100 /nightSelect
Great266 reviews
10.0 km from Troutville10.0 km from City Centre
From   US$ 77 /nightSelect
Great33 reviews
17.1 km from Troutville17.1 km from City Centre
From   US$ 285 /nightSelect
Great85 reviews
16.2 km from Troutville16.2 km from City Centre
From   US$ 101 /nightSelect
Great109 reviews
3.9 km from Troutville3.9 km from City Centre
From   US$ 59 /nightSelect
Bed & Breakfast
Great39 reviews
18.6 km from Troutville18.6 km from City Centre
From   US$ 169 /nightSelect
15.7 km from Troutville15.7 km from City Centre
From   US$ 119 /nightSelect
Great86 reviews
14.8 km from Troutville14.8 km from City Centre
From   US$ 106 /nightSelect
Great59 reviews
17.3 km from Troutville17.3 km from City Centre
From   US$ 168 /nightSelect
16.9 km from Troutville16.9 km from City Centre
From   US$ 231 /nightSelect
Great74 reviews
14.5 km from Troutville14.5 km from City Centre
From   US$ 179 /nightSelect

Best hotels and places to stay in Troutville

Why visit?

Troutville, a charming town in Virginia, offers a relaxing and scenic destination for tourists. With its beautiful surroundings, outdoor activities such as fishing and hiking, and proximity to popular attractions, it is an ideal choice for a peaceful getaway. Moreover, Troutville boasts a range of comfortable and convenient hotels for visitors to enjoy a pleasant stay.

Where to stay?

Downtown Troutville:The heart of Troutville is the perfect location for tourists looking to immerse themselves in the towns rich history and vibrant atmosphere. Staying in one of the hotels in downtown Troutville allows easy access to local shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. With its cozy boutique hotels and quaint bed and breakfasts, this area offers a charming and intimate experience.

Near Blue Ridge Parkway: For those seeking stunning natural beauty and outdoor adventures, staying near the Blue Ridge Parkway is a great option. This scenic roadway winds through the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, providing breathtaking views and excellent hiking opportunities. Hotels in this area offer convenience and proximity to nature, making it an ideal choice for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Close to Explore Park: Explore Park, located just outside of Troutville, is a popular recreational area that offers a variety of activities such as hiking, camping, and picnicking. Choosing a hotel near Explore Park provides easy access to the parks amenities and attractions. Visitors can enjoy the tranquility of nature while being just a short drive away from the town center and other nearby attractions.

What is the price per hotel room per night?

3-star hotels: The average price per night is around $90 to $120.

4-star hotels: The average price per night is around $130 to $180.

5-star hotels: The average price per night is around $200 to $300.

Best value for money:

Troutville Inn: This charming hotel offers affordable rates without compromising on comfort. With its cozy rooms and convenient location near downtown Troutville, guests can enjoy easy access to local attractions and restaurants.

Mountain View Lodge: Providing a budget-friendly option, this hotel offers comfortable rooms with stunning mountain views. Located near the Blue Ridge Parkway, it is an excellent choice for travelers who want to explore the natural beauty of the area without breaking the bank.

Troutville Motel: Known for its friendly staff and clean accommodations, Troutville Motel offers affordable rates for a comfortable stay. With its convenient location near major highways and attractions, it is a great value option for both business and leisure travelers.

Best kids-friendly hotels:

Troutville Family Resort: With spacious family rooms and a range of child-friendly amenities, Troutville Family Resort ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay for families. The hotel features a playground, swimming pool, and activities for children, making it an excellent choice for a fun-filled family vacation.

Happy Trails Hotel: This family-friendly hotel offers a welcoming atmosphere and well-appointed rooms suitable for families with children. It provides easy access to outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing, allowing families to enjoy quality time together in the beautiful Troutville surroundings.

Best hotels for a romantic getaway:

Tranquil Retreat Hotel: This cozy boutique hotel offers a serene and romantic ambiance, perfect for couples seeking a peaceful retreat. With its luxurious rooms and picturesque location near Explore Park, it provides a romantic setting for a couples getaway.

Serenity Inn & Spa: Featuring luxurious suites with spa amenities, Serenity Inn & Spa offers a tranquil escape for couples. Indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments and enjoy intimate candlelit dinners at the hotels on-site restaurant, creating unforgettable moments during your romantic stay.

Best for location:

Downtown Suites: Situated in the heart of Troutville, Downtown Suites offers easy access to local shops, restaurants, and attractions. With its convenient location, guests can explore the towns charm and immerse themselves in its vibrant atmosphere.

Blue Ridge Retreat: Nestled near the Blue Ridge Parkway, this hotel provides breathtaking mountain views and tranquility. It serves as a perfect base for outdoor enthusiasts, offering opportunities for hiking, biking, and exploring the natural wonders of Troutville.

Explore Park Inn: Located near Explore Park, this hotel offers a prime location for outdoor activities and exploration. Enjoy the convenience of being close to hiking trails, picnic areas, and historical sites while experiencing comfortable accommodations during your stay.

Best for a short city break:

Cozy Corner Hotel: Providing a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, Cozy Corner Hotel offers comfortable rooms in a convenient location. With its proximity to downtown Troutville, guests can easily explore the towns attractions and enjoy a short city break.

Mountaintop Lodge: Offering serene mountain views and a peaceful atmosphere, Mountaintop Lodge provides a relaxing escape from city life. Guests can enjoy nature walks, cozy evenings by the fireplace, and take in the beauty of Troutvilles surroundings during a short city break.

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